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I'm shedding my skin so you can see my face

i need you to know who i am

13 November
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The more I travel across the gravel, the more I sail the seas - the more I'm convinced of the fact that New York's the town for me.
adam pascal, aida, ani difranco, anti-affection, avenue q, being in control, being pretty, being smart, being stupid, biology, biopsychology, black, black ink, bookstores, boston, bravo, broadway, business attire, camisoles, cereal, cheesy movies, chicago, chick flicks, chick lit, christmas, cities, clueless, conservatism, control, cucumber melon, curly hair, dangly earrings, dark hair/blue eyes, debate, diamonds, discussion, drama, duo interpretation of literature, easy mac, edgar allan poe, er, felicia finley, freedom fries, french, french culture, french language, french manicures, french movies, genetics, glam, grape juice, green eyes, greenwich villiage, hands, heather headley, hotels, idina menzel, indepedence, indie films, intellect, intellectual stimulation, interpretive dancing, italian food, jade green dresses, jawlines, jessica mcclintock, jessica simpson, jewel, john mayer, jupiter, jupiter high school, karaoke, kate hudson, katherine heigl, ketchup, kittens, laughing, law, law and society, ld, lipstick, lucky charms, magazines, manhattan, manicures, medicine, metrosexuals, mock trial, mocking, molecular biology, movies, musicals, new york, new york city, new york university, night, noah wyle, nyu, original oratory, philosophy, pictures, piercings, pink, pinstripes, platinum, platteville, poetry, power, pretty dresses, psychology, public forum, purple, rain, reese witherspoon, rent, rhinestones, romeo and juliet, saying "dirty!", saying "pretty!", scrubs, scruffy guys, shakespeare, sherie rene scott, silver, singing, sleeping, snow, soho, strength, stubble, suits, taye diggs, the bachelor, the bachelorette, the it factor, the learning channel, the olive garden, theater, theatre, thinking, tiffany's, twins, urban, wicked, winter, wisdom